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And this is how it starts...

Sleeping Beauty drabble - I've posted too many on my beeswaxing account lately so I figure I'll post this here...

AN: A special surprise y'all get it here in this comm first for being so sweet and loving this verse so much. I'm tearing up... I think I'm hormonal .______.


Yunho is in deep discussion about a potential new acquisition of some Japanese shipyards when the intercom at the boardroom table buzzes just as the door blows open and a whirlwind enters.

"Sir, sir I'm sorry I tried to stop him. Sir I'm---"

Yunho cuts off the intercom as he takes in his wife. Blond hair disheveled and tousled from god knows what. He even has a couple of leaves in it for good measure. His cheeks are ruddy from the late winter's day and face is twisted into a sulky pout.

He can practically see the teenager drooping and he pushes away from the board table and waits.

The ten or so other occupants in the room are silent, watching the Jung magnate curiously, wondering how he'll react to his wife interrupting this very important board meeting. They know better than to comment on his presence or course for it is clear the glow of the relatively newly wedded couple is still shining on them.

The blond teenager bows in greeting to the room, mumbling a little incoherently as he makes his way towards his husband, tripping twice over his own feet along the way much to his disgust.

Yunho watches his wife's progress carefully, wondering who he needs to threaten for upsetting the pregnant male when the blond drops with a grunt into his lap.

"Sleepy," Jaejoong grumbles as he wraps his arms low around Yunho's waist and snuggles into his neck.

"Then why don't you sleep?"

"Can't," Jaejoong shifts about on his husband's lap trying to get comfortable. It takes a far few seconds of loud huffing and puffing and maybe a grunt or two for good measure, the teenager's grumbling the only sound in the huge boardroom.

Everyone is transfixed on the gorgeous blond who is clearly wearing his pregnancy very well despite being a teensy weensy but upset over something or other.

After a minute or so, Jung Jaejoong is finally comfortable.

Arms wrapped around his husband's neck, he nuzzles against the older man's temple with both legs draped over an arm rest of the large ergonomic chair. He's manipulated his husband's hand straight onto his gently swelling belly, underneath the two layers of clothes he is wearing as he mumbles his complaint.

"Baby is moving and I can't sleep."

Yunho's hand is frozen over the soft swell of the very hot yet smooth skin of his wife's taut belly.

"What?" His question is a whisper, not because of the other people in the room but because he can't seem to find his voice.

"Your baby is moving and I can't sleep," Jaejoong explains slowly with a full pout and his eyes shut. "Do something about it so I can sleep."

"I..." Yunho has no idea what to say. He was never allowed to be a part of his daughter's formative period as she developed from a zygote to a fetus. It pained him considerably to know what he missed.

Then along came Jaejoong...

"When did our baby start moving?"

Jaejoong smiles against the lapel of Yunho's jacket as he snuggles closer, feeling the flutters subsiding slowly. "Just this morning after you left for work. She missed you like I did."


"I think Jiyool would like a sister, don't you think?"

Yunho has no answer to that, gathering his wife closer still, he caresses the hard bump gently as he presses a soft kiss against Jaejoong's temple.

He can just hum in response, wondering if he can end the meeting right then.

Jaejoong appears to have read his mind for he cracks open an eye and glances over at the gawping people staring at him.

"Don't mind me. Pretend I'm not even here. I'm too sleepy to even focus on anything you're saying so your secret squirrel takeover business is safe."

A fair few, if not all the men and women seated at the table are wondering how anyone can do that. Yunho, a man known for his coldly professional and no nonsense manner is looking more than a little shaken at having his still teenaged wife in his lap.

Jaejoong falls sound asleep within five minutes, his gentle snores a soothing background to the serious discussions on hand.

The meeting ends three hours later.

Jung Yunho's hand never left the curve of his wife's body, his large hand cupping the sweet swell of his second daughter he knows he will get because he knows the truth of the universe when it comes to Jung Jaejoong.

So enamoured by his wife and unborn daughter he'd forgotten to ask how on earth the boy managed to get leaves stuck in his hair.

Knowing Jaejoong, the tale must be spectacular indeed.

AN: YunJae Day is killing me. I am so emo, I miss them so much. It's laughable really cos I entered fandom after the split so technically I can't miss something I never experienced but gosh... I really fucking miss them ;;

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