Kinda self-explanatory. People ask me a lot of SB questions on my ask.fm but I figure it's easier to answer them here so everything is in one spot and y'all can discuss I guess.

I'm not going to answer anymore SB questions on my ask.fm so if you wanna ask, you'll need to do it here.

I'm not purposefully making life difficult for you, but sometimes I forget that not everyone follows me everywhere and then I get questions about something I answered on my ask.fm and i'm too lazy to repeat myself and then the questions just pile up and this is probably one of the reasons why I have 2200+ asks on my ask.fm omg...

So yeah, ask away. I cannot promise i'll answer in detail, but I will try and answer even if it's just to say "sorry, I can't answer that yet" :O

Now let us all ruminate on Jaejoong's little baby belly and think about the questions to the SB!universe you want answered lol!



First of all!

My readers are too fucking kind to me. Seriously. You took my fic and embraced it and loved it as much as I do. Sleeping Beauty is my baby, and all a mama can ask for is for her child to be loved by others and you've all gone and done that and more. I'm feeling slightly awkward right now because i'm kinda essentially talking to myself in an empty community hahahahaha! But hey, no one can love SB more than me so if i'm the only one here with an echo as I talk to myself then so be it!

I did pay for this community though omg... I have no idea how comms work even though i'm the owner of jaeho_plot and a mod for dongbangdaddies OTL Hopeless, Nikki is hopeless. I only know how to write.

I am totally gonna ramble to death aren't I?

Anyway, long story short (hahahahahaha IDEK what this means), this is a community for everything Sleeping Beauty. I need somewhere to keep track of things. Keeping them all in my head is just too much now with the older five kids ALL WITH THEIR OWN FAMILIES and i'm just lost in the kerfuffle. I need a pensieve to help me and I guess this comm is it.

The idea of moving Sleeping Beauty to this comm in its entirety is fucking daunting so i'm just going to start with simple HELPFUL things like time lines and family trees and a chronological list of the drabbles/oneshots as they happen instead of as and when I write them. There's SO MUCH going on IDEK how I haven't gone way off track yet.

I probably have tbh but y'all are too kind to tell me lol!

So yes, let's not piss off Daddy!Jung...


Psssssst. Jaejoong did give Yunho three girls and three boys ;-)